Month: December 2010

2 Cats != Crazy Cat Lady

Like that?  A little bit of my nerdiness there, haha (I’m referring to the usage of “!=” instead of “not equal” in case that wasn’t clear).

Today, I’m going to write about a pet peeve of mine.  It goes like this:  say I’m talking to a friend– no, more like an acquaintance.  And I tell her that I have two cats.  Her immediate response: “Ohh, I’m not a cat person.”

Really?  That’s the best response you could come up with?

When you have your first child and I see him/her for the first time, I’m going to say, “Ohh, babies are so ugly.”  BAM, right back at ya.  Seriously, what happened to not saying anything if you don’t have anything nice to say?  An “oh, that’s nice” would have sufficed. (No offense to babies, they are sometimes cute, sometimes funny looking.)

Along those same lines, when I had a boyfriend, having two cats wasn’t a big deal.  Then, we broke up and suddenly I’m this crazy cat lady.

“Hey Jess, how are your ten cats?”
“I only have two.”
“Yeah, same difference, you’re on your way.”

I’m not even making this up!  It wasn’t even my idea to get the cats (though I do love my cats very much).  I just love animals!  Before the cats, I had three hamsters: Hermes, Houdini, and Homer.  I would have dogs too if they weren’t such a huge responsibility.  I’m thinking one day I’ll get dogs and I bet suddenly it’ll be okay that I have cats too.

Aren’t they adorable??