I decided– 2012 is going to be a good one.

the three musketeers 🙂

Making a last minute decision, I hitched a ride to Plano on NYE and spent it at a cozy gathering with some of my best friends!  It was great– I didn’t pay a ridiculous amount for cover and alcohol just to be stuffed into a crowded club surrounded by ridiculously drunk people.

I started the new year learning to make souffle at J&J’s  home and did a 3.5mile fartlek (hehe, funny word) run with Jonathan.  Definitely prefer this over being hungover half the day and hating myself for it.

Late August, I felt inspired after the Europe trip and was determined to make some adjustments to my lifestyle.  The change was gradual and not without obstacles, but I’m excited to say there’s definitely been improvements and it feels great!

Looking back, 2010 was an undeniably rough year.  2011 was a HUGE improvement.  I had a much-needed epiphany towards the end of the year. You know how there are some things that you’ve been told and you know deep down they’re right, but it never really clicks in your head?  Yeah, it finally clicked.  Better late than never, right?


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