2011 in Pictures

I was inspired to make this post after seeing a friend’s blog! Here’s looking back at 2011–

I spent NYE last year at Pagoda with Andrew and Gloria! Nothing too crazy, made some new friends, danced with some gay guys…oh yeah and I gave a ride to new friends of Gloria and got lost going home, lol. I had this cute pearl necklace on but I somehow broke it while waiting in line for the bathroom.

I went with Suzanne plus two other girls to Scottsdale for Valentines’ Day weekend! With or without a significant other, it was one of the best Valentines’ Day I’ve had! We hiked Camelback Mountain, picked up Jamba Juice smoothies, enjoyed a dip in the heated pool, and had an AMAZING dinner at Roka Akor.

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE crawfish. More specifically, I love EATING crawfish. We had a crawfish boil at J&J’s for the first time– yummy!! Hopefully this is a new tradition! ๐Ÿ™‚

I made my first trip to San Francisco with Suzanne in April! The weather was perfect that weekend– we got SO lucky. We walked a ton and ate some awesome food. It was a totally packed weekend and we didn’t get back until 5am Monday morning, but it was worth it!

Clearly, I enjoy traveling. I made my first Austin trip for the year and finally tried some of Austin’s food trucks. By some, I mean roughly a dozen in a day, haha. There’s so many more I have yet to try! I also finally went tubing with Jamie and Sam in New Braunfels. Good times!

June was all about YLC. My schedule was jam-packed with YLC activities all month and I had a blast at mentor retreat in Galveston and at conference! While I didn’t get to perform,ย I was incredibly proud of the guys and their Wonder Girls dance that I taught them!

For Fourth of July, my family went to Los Angeles to visit my sister while she was interning at NBC. This turned out to be our family trip for the year! The picture is from one of the window displays that we saw while strolling down Rodeo Drive.

Monica and I went on our 17-day Europe trip in August!! SOOOO AWESOME. Sure, I was overambitious with all the cities we visited and tired us out, but it was still awesome!! We visited a concentration camp and castle in Germany, hiked the Alps in Switzerland, wined and dined in Italy, ended up in a random city in France, and then was just exhausted in Spain, haha.ย  Definitely going back in the future.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Christi is back from Hawaii!! I lost weight during the Europe trip so I can fit the dress that I bought from her (as seen in the picture), lol. After my crazy busy summer, I was ready after the Europe trip to ease up my schedule and just relax, exercise, and eat healthy.

After a 5 year hiatus, I finally went camping again. A group of us drove out to Inks Lake State Park for the weekend despite the fire ban and had a great time hiking and eating Korean food (SO MUCH food)! So glad to finally have people to go camping with again. ๐Ÿ™‚

This Thanksgiving, I ran my first timed 5k (28:03), had a Thanksgiving lunch with Jamie’s family, and then a ridiculously early Thanksgiving dinner with J&J’s family. That was also the most decorations I’ve ever seen for Thanksgiving, lol.

I somehow didn’t take a lot of pictures over Christmas break, so here’s Mai and I at YLC Casino Night. I learned how to play roulette in order to work at the roulette table– I’m not a gambler AT ALL but it was fun and we raised money for YLC!


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