EP5k: Pre-Run

Tomorrow is the El Paso 5k!  It’s almost silly next to other events of the weekend– Olympic Trials, Aramco Half-Marathon, and Chevron Marathon.  That’s okay– this one is a friendly bet between my friends and me– it’s going to be fun!

I ran my first 5k on October 1, 2011 (Race for the Cure), and my first timed 5k on November 24, 2011 (North Texas Turkey Trot).   The first run took me roughly 30 minutes, the second one 28:03.   I learned a few things:

(1) Drink water— It took me an hour to drive to downtown for Race for the Cure and I was out of water by the time I parked my car.  I was incredibly thirsty and running late so I had no time to find water!  I stopped twice for water and was still struggling out of thirst at the end of my 5k.

(2) Leave early— Took me an hour to drive downtown!  Didn’t get to meet up with the rest of the BMC runners so I just ran on my own.

(3) Pay attention to the course— I’ve been running on dirt/gravel on flat terrain for the most part and wasn’t entirely prepared for the ups and downs of Allen Parkway and all the concrete.

(4) Run with a friend— When I ran with Jonathan for the Turkey Trot, he pushed me to keep going up my pace even when I was starting to lag behind.  I was happy with my finishing time!

(5) Don’t overdress— For the Turkey Trot,  I had on a tank top under my UA long-sleeve coldgear, threw the Turkey Trot shirt on top, had my UA coldgear fitted tights, and shorts over the tights.  It was in the low 40’s.  I wasn’t used to running in that weather and ended up getting pretty hot.  I read that runners should dress for 20 degrees warmer than actual temperature.

I know better now.  For Sunday, I’m running with my friends but since we’re running for time and I’m hoping to be faster than them, I’ll definitely have to pace myself.  My goal is to beat my last 5k time and if not, under 29:00.   I’m excited!!  =)

I’m thinking peanut butter, banana, and honey on wheat sandwiches for breakfast.  The run is at 7:30am, I’m thinking breakfast around 5:00am.  So early!!


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