EP5k: Post-Run Report

I was up by 3:30am to shower, get ready, make breakfast for the group by 4:45am (when they came over), and head out by 5am to beat the 5:30am road closures.  Well, turns out there’s NO traffic if you leave as early as we did, ha.  The Chevron Marathon and Aramco Half-marathon didn’t start until 7am and our EP5k started at 7:30am.  Oh well, better safe than sorry!

It was expected to be in the mid/high-40’s that morning, so I put on my UA HeatGear Tights, my UA HeatGear long-sleeved shirt, and my pink EG shirt (that I worked hard ironing letters on).  I was told you generally dress for 20 degrees warmer than what it actually is, so I was probably overdressed.

Mile 0: The start of the run was SLOW.  So many people to maneuver around!

Mile 1: Eventually the crowd got more spread out and it got easier to go at a steady pace but I’m sure I lost some time there. Timmy stayed close behind me for the most part.  Hmph.

Mile 2:  Apparently there’s a slight incline in the theater district. Very slight, but I could feel it.  More importantly, where is the damn water station?  Not that I NEED water but that was supposed to be my gauge of halfway point (1.5 miles). At some point in the second mile, Timmy passed me up so I just followed him, staying about 20 feet behind.

Mile 3: I figured Timmy would start getting tired in mile 3– he’s done interval training but not so much endurance/distance training.  I passed him up probably in the last 1/2 of the mile or so and kept pushing on.

Finish: As I was approaching George R. Brown, I saw the first half-marathon runner quickly approaching!  I clapped and cheered as he ran by.  He flew by and finished his marathon in 59:22!  Wow!  The finish line was approaching and I broke into a spring for maybe the last 100 meters, finishing at 27:25.   Timmy came in close behind me at 27:32.  I didn’t know that we got finisher medals– very cool, my first medal!

Guys overall time ended up being lower than the girls, so girls lost the bet…this time.  We made another bet on the Bluebell Fun Run 10k in April!   Either way, we all did a 5k– for Karen, Jason, and Timmy, their first 5k!  Congrats!!


El Paso Corporation 5k 2012
January 15, 2012
Bib: 50455
Chip time: 27:25
Pace: 8’49 per mile
Place Division 31/226
Place Gender 139/1599
Place Overall 501/2755


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