12 miles!

This past Saturday, I was scheduled to run 12 miles with Kim. Come Saturday morning, it was thunderstorming outside.  Crap.   We decided to play it safe and not run outdoors.

It’s been MONTHS since I’ve been on a treadmill.  I find treadmills insanely boring.  But I had a run scheduled, and I was 90% determined to do it.  So, I finished my Vanilla Bean Gu, grabbed my nano (since I don’t have a foot pod for my Garmin) and walked to the apartment gym.  I realized that I forgot to bring a gu and my water bottle, but in fear that I might change my mind and not run at all, I didn’t go back to the apartment.

Amazingly, I actually completed the 12 miles.  My longest run to date!  It took me 1:59:55– this included getting locked out of the room 3x on my water breaks (I slowed the treadmill down to 3.0 and made a mad rush to the water fountain) and periodic inclines set at 3.0-4.0.  I set the treadmill at 6.0 (10:00) for the first 9 miles, 6.1 (9:50) for 2 miles, and 6.2 (9:41) for the last mile.  Although I had a faster final mile, that last mile felt like ETERNITY.  Not because I was tired (though I was), but because I was incredibly bored.  While I don’t normally run with music anymore, I did this time and it definitely helped.

I’m pumped, but also a little anxious about my upcoming run.  I can’t believe I decided to sign up for a half marathon less than a month before the race!   I’m just going to treat it like another long run.  It’ll be a PR as long as I finish it!

I often hear someone say I’m not a real runner. We are all runners, some just run faster than others.
I never met a fake runner.

–Bart Yasso


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