New shoes!

I went to Luke’s Locker for the first time last weekend and got fitted for some new running shoes.  I picked up some Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 15‘s ($100)!  I’ve been running in Saucony Progrid Omni 8’s but they’re giving me blisters on my left foot.  I did a test run in my old shoes and was told that while my right foot was straight up and down, my left foot was not– thus, the blisters.  The Nike’s are stability shoes with less of an arch, which should be good for my flat feet.  AND, they come in black and pink! =)
I did two 3-mile runs in the shoes this week and my feet felt great, but then threw in a 7-mile run and had some foot pain. =/  Guess I still need to break them in some more.  I’ll be wearing the Saucony’s for my half on Sunday!

I also purchased 2 new pairs of socks to try out, Body Glide, and a Tri-Berry Gu.  I’ve only had the Vanilla Bean so far.

Any suggestions on good Gu flavors?



  1. I heard the new peanut butter gu is great! But ya know, great for gu.

    What do you think the new nikes are best for? Long runs, short fast runs? I’ve been thinking I need to try a pair of nikes….I’m a saucony girl too at the moment

    1. So they’re not the lightest shoe or anything and they’re still new, so they’ve been great for my regular runs– the one long run I did them in (7 miles) was eh but I’m going to break them in a little more before I try another long run in them. I think one of my feet is flatter than the other, haha. I’m still wearing my Saucony’s for my 10k tomorrow. =)

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