Month: April 2012

Blue Bell Run 10k Race Report

The Blue Bell Fun Run was held in Brenham, TX, and was the designated race for our 10k bet!  Again, 3 girls versus 3 guys.  Unfortunately, one of the girls was recovering from being sick and opted not to run, although she still came along.  So, it’d just be the average time of Karen and I versus the average time of the 3 guys.

We hadn’t picked up our packets yet so a group of us met up at my place to leave around 5:30am! Traffic wasn’t bad going to the race but I can’t say the same for leaving the race.  Packet pick-up was in the high school– the tech t-shirts were cool although my small was quite large.  The weather predicted high winds and warm temperatures in the 70’s, so I opted to wear my own pink tank top.

I had heard from some friends that the course was hilly with a brutal hill at the very end. With this in mind, I knew there was a good chance I may not PR, but that’s okay. Good training for San Fran!

We ran through the rolling hills through Brenham, going down neighborhood roads.  I walked through two of the water stations.  I was expecting high winds but while there were random gusts of wind that felt nice, there were some dead areas where the heat would be unbearable!  I started strong and even thought I had a chance for a PR…until I turned a corner and saw the hill coming ahead.  NOPE.  Not going to happen.  Halfway up the hill, I checked my pace– 10:30/M.  Ouch.  My form went to crap as I fought with my body to keep passing up other runners and after the torturous trek uphill, I was SO happy when I turned the corner and realized the rest was downhill to the finish.  I quickly picked up my pace and had a fast sprint crossing the finish line!

Splits: 8:50, 8:47, 8:50, 9:08, 9:01, 9:43, (0.29 miles) 7:39

See that 7:39 pace? Yep, I flewww through the end!  I’m glad I did because Tim’s time was merely 3 seconds longer than mine!  We got to enjoy unlimited icecream bars (I had 2.5) afterwards, followed by a trip to Chappell Hill Bakery & Deli for BBQ and kolaches!  Awesome.

Girls ended up losing the 10k bet (again), but I did get the best time overall and I’m cool with that. I’m going to be sore tomorrow, lol.

Blue Bell Fun Run 10k

April 14, 2012
Time: 56:28.4
Pace: 9:06/M
Total: 265/1184
Gender: 96/720


EG 10k Race

This weekend is the Bluebell Fun Run in Brenham! My friends and I have a bet– 3 girls versus 3 guys. Unfortunately, one of the girls isn’t feeling well and one of the guys is recovering from being sick.  Yikes.  I’m in, regardless!  Ever since I started running, I realized, I’m more competitive than I thought!  Girls lost the 5k race, but I came in first, so I was still pleased.  As for this weekend, I’m a little anxious about the hills.  I predict some sore quads afterwards, but with the San Francisco half in July, I need the practice!

Check out the course/elevation:

Memorial Park is essentially flat, haha.  I don’t expect to PR, but as always, I’ll try. =)   I did my last run yesterday (easy 3 miles), plyometrics today, rest tomorrow, and race Saturday morning!

Update & more shoes!

I’ve been terrible about updating.  It’s been 2 months!!

But fear not– in that time, I have completed 4 races.  I had to skip out on the Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Half Marathon because I strained my hamstrings and it took me 2 weeks of not running to get over it.  I was disappointed but better to be safe than sorry.

My race results:

Firefly Run Dallas (5k) 2012 03/31/12 0:28:00 8:58 38/724  148/3366  463/4943
Bayou City Classic 10k 03/10/12 0:55:30 8:56 26/103 140/559 486/1176 PR
ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run 10k 02/25/12 0:56:39 9:07 163/721 598/3221 2156/6392
Rhythm & Blues Half Marathon 2012 02/19/12 2:08:06.6 9:47 38/90  200/584 439/953 PR

More about the races later.  In the past 2 months, I’ve been on a hunt for new shoes to replace my Saucony Progrid Omni 8’s.  While those are stability shoes, I believe my strike has changed from a heel strike to a forefoot strike since I first purchased that pair, and have been wearing more neutral shoes.  I had purchased Nike’s (see last post) but they were giving me unusual feet pain whenever I ran over 3 miles so I returned to Luke’s Locker and exchanged them for these sexy Mizuno Wave Precision 12‘s:

Sadly, they gave me blisters almost every time I ran and after putting 30 miles on them throughout the month, I brought them back to Luke’s Locker and got the Saucony Kinvara 2‘s (on sale, yay!):

I REALLY liked the Mizuno’s but my left foot is wider and flatter than my right foot and after getting a blood blister from running the last 5k, I felt like it was for the best. They Kinvara’s are wider than the Mizuno’s but there’s still slightly rubbing when I run– I can’t tell yet if it’ll be a big problem so I’ll give them a little more time.  I actually also own the Saucony Mirage 2‘s:

I got those onsale from, so for now, I will be alternating between the two pairs. I also tried on the Asics Gel Landreth 7‘s, which felt considerably wider and have asymmetrical lacing (not sure how I feel about this yet), so I’m going to keep those in mind just in case. I hear Brooks come wider too.  I own many pairs of DryMax Hyper Thin Running socks but the guy at Luke’s Locker recommended I try slightly thicker socks so I may try out the DryMax Lite Mesh socks ($34 for a 4-pack on next.  I’ve always preferred a thinner sock but I can’t say if I really can tell the difference once I’ve been running for awhile. I just hate getting blisters!

Any tips on shoes/socks?