Month: May 2012

Conn’s Green 6.2

Conn’s Green 6. started at City Centre, went through the nearby neighborhoods, and ended back in City Centre.  It was a very WARM race!  There were a lot of people but it was the heat that slowed me down more than anything else.  I ran into a friend before the race so I started the race with him and his friend.

I started strong but I had a feeling the heat would catch up to me later on and tried to slow it a little.  Around mile 2, I saw a guy collapse and run his face into the curb. Hope he’s okay, not sure what happened. I could also feel a blister forming on my right foot halfway through but what can ya do.  In the last mile, I saw a girl that was getting very wobbly while she was running.  Other runners were yelling at her to go to the side.

1) 8:32
2) 8:35
3) 8:41
4) 8:46
5) 8:59
6) 9:36
6.29) 8:32

As evident in my splits, I did slow down and even walked in the last mile.  I still sprinted the end, of course, though.  I managed to still PR despite the walking– twice for water breaks and once in mile 6.  Thought I was going to puke after I crossed the finish line, haha.

Free jamba juice samples at the end! Ran into a bunch of people I knew and a couple of us went to Skeeter’s for breakfast afterwards. Another race done– didn’t feel like I did as well as I wanted to, but it’s a PR and I’ll take that!

Conn’s Green 6.2
April 28, 2012
Time: 54:55.6
Pace: 8:51/M
Division: 35/134
Gender: 135/708
Overall: 371/1210


Rhythm & Blues Half Marathon Race Report

[I started this post a couple of months ago and never posted it, but I finally decided to finish it!]

Completed my first half marathon! I beat my goal (2:11) and my official time was 2:08:06.6 with a pace of 9:47/mile. Wohoo!! I do have a blister on my left foot and my middle right toe is totally bruised but feeling good otherwise!

My friend Richard and I carpooled to the race around 5:55am and got awesome parking! In fact, we weren’t sure we could park there at first because there was only one other car parked there (street parking). Not much had been set up yet and some of the volunteers told us the nearby Doubletree was friendly to the runners so we hung out there to hide from the cold (about 48 outside) and used the bathrooms.

The 5k was scheduled to start at 7am and half marathon at 7:30am. They both ended up starting about 10 minutes late, but no biggie. I really had to pee but I figured the feeling would go away after I started running, haha.

Once the race started, I was frequently checking my Garmin to make sure I didn’t start too fast. It was a little tough watching all the people pass me but I wanted to make sure I didn’t burn out early!

Three loops, 4 ‘valleys’ on Allen Pkwy each loop. My usual run at Memorial is essentially flat so it was different and a little bit of a challenge– it threw off my pace a little. My first attempt to drink water while running after 3 miles was disastrous so I made sure to walk and drink the next 2-3 times that I stopped for water. I saw Richard and his coworker cheering for me after I completed my first loop. How nice!!

By mile 6, I was pretty sure a blister was forming on my left foot. I had more Gu around mile 7 or 8 as I was approaching the water station. Sometime after that, something felt off with one of my toes on the right foot. Eeks, felt like it was bruising but at that point, I was just going to ignore it and keep going. Completing my second loop, I saw my friends holding signs and cheering for me!! Aww, that put a huge smile on my face– plus the signs were pretty funny.

The last 5k was definitely the most challenging. I kept telling myself, just think of it as a 5k but by mile 11, my legs started getting tired. I wanted to finish strong and have negative splits! I just kept telling myself there was only a little bit left and I managed to maintain a decent speed. When I saw the finish line, I gradually speed up– it was encouraging to know that my friends would be at the finish line! Haha well, I was so focused on just finishing, I nearly missed the finish line– to the left was the finish, to the right was for people who were still doing loops. Luckily, the photographer yelled at me “finishers to the left!” and I swung over to the left, haha. Oops, that would have been embarrassing .

1) 10:05
2) 9:52
3) 9:49
4) 9:48
5) 9:13
6) 9:33
7) 9:48
8) 9:38
9) 9:57
10) 9:28
11) 9:32
12) 9:31
13) 9:27
13.3) 8:39

Not as consistent as I would have liked but I think that has to do with the dips in the road and when I walked through water stations maybe. Anyway, it was my first half, so I knew it would be a PR as long as I finished! I’m happy with it! =)

check out the awesome signs!

Rhythm & Blues Half Marathon
February 19, 2012
Time: 2:08:06.6
Pace: 9:48/M
Total: 439/953
Gender: 200/584
Division: 38/90