Conn’s Green 6.2

Conn’s Green 6. started at City Centre, went through the nearby neighborhoods, and ended back in City Centre.  It was a very WARM race!  There were a lot of people but it was the heat that slowed me down more than anything else.  I ran into a friend before the race so I started the race with him and his friend.

I started strong but I had a feeling the heat would catch up to me later on and tried to slow it a little.  Around mile 2, I saw a guy collapse and run his face into the curb. Hope he’s okay, not sure what happened. I could also feel a blister forming on my right foot halfway through but what can ya do.  In the last mile, I saw a girl that was getting very wobbly while she was running.  Other runners were yelling at her to go to the side.

1) 8:32
2) 8:35
3) 8:41
4) 8:46
5) 8:59
6) 9:36
6.29) 8:32

As evident in my splits, I did slow down and even walked in the last mile.  I still sprinted the end, of course, though.  I managed to still PR despite the walking– twice for water breaks and once in mile 6.  Thought I was going to puke after I crossed the finish line, haha.

Free jamba juice samples at the end! Ran into a bunch of people I knew and a couple of us went to Skeeter’s for breakfast afterwards. Another race done– didn’t feel like I did as well as I wanted to, but it’s a PR and I’ll take that!

Conn’s Green 6.2
April 28, 2012
Time: 54:55.6
Pace: 8:51/M
Division: 35/134
Gender: 135/708
Overall: 371/1210


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