I’m shopping for a bike!  I would like to spend between $500-$800 on the bike alone.  I figure that should be enough for a decent entry-level bike.  I went to visit Bicycle World over the weekend and tested out a $800 51cm Giant and a $3,000 48cm Cervelo.  I learned that it can be painful if a bike is too high for me and that I need some practice getting on and off a bike.  And turning.  Lol.  Clearly, I am out of practice.

Ooooooohhh, so pretty! This would match my workout clothes. =)

Too bad this baby is $2,000 (2012 Specialized Ruby Compact)!

More financially realistically speaking, maybe the Trek Lexa (retail $729.99):

or a Specialized Tricross (retail $990.00), which I believe is more of a hybrid bike:

That all black looks nice right?? Well, I’m going to continue my search… got to make a trip to Bike Barn soon!


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