Month: July 2012

Five & Dime Run Race Report

Although this race was awhile back in May, it was memorable as my WORST race ever!  Aside from my perpetually runny nose and nausea from gross Gu, I actually loved the race itself!  The Five & Dime Run was the smallest race I’ve ever been in– 149 people for the 10mile race.  By mile 2-3, everyone was so spread out, it didn’t even feel like a race. The 5-mile race had 200 people but they started going the opposite direction and looped back so we didn’t run into them.  The White Rock Lake trail had nice lake views, trees.

The crappy part was that I went into the race already feeling under the weather.  I didn’t run ALL week in an attempt to prevent getting sick after whitewater rafting during my Denver trip but it happened anyway. The drive from Houston to Dallas ended up taking 5 hours so it was relatively late by the time I arrived.  Drives always wear me out and my first stop when I arrived in Dallas was to pick up some cold medicine.  I knew I wasn’t feeling 100% but I wasn’t going to skip out on Jamie’s first 10-miler!  As expected, my nose was very runny during the race and my shirt became one big handkerchief. I realized how out of it I was after I pinned my bib just before the race and realized that my shirt was on inside out! Oops.

Pre-race: We arrived around 7am for our 8am race. Parking wasn’t a problem and there was hardly a line to pick up our bibs. 10 minutes before the race, Jamie and I shared this vanilla orange roctane gu. BAD IDEA. SO GROSS. I ate a tiny bit and had to throw it away. Yuck. Then I drank all this water to wash it down, so by the time I started running, I could feel the water sloshing around in my stomach. 5 minutes before the race, it hit me how tiny the race really was. The start wasn’t crowded at all and they were actually telling us to move up to the start line.

Miles 1-5: The start was downhill and because it wasn’t crowded, it moved fairly quickly. I struggled to slow down my pace and found myself checking my time A LOT. My nose was runny but I managed to save one tissue until mile 3, lol. After that, I just had to use my shirt. Unfortunately, my stomach never got to feeling totally okay with the roctane, and I felt a little nauseous. Around mile 3, I also could tell that a blister was forming on my left foot. By mile 5, same with the right foot. Yikes. I think I stopped for water twice in the first 5 miles.

Miles 6-10: I had planned on taking my second gu around the start of mile 6 but I was feeling nauseous from the roctane and didn’t think I’d be able to handle another gu. Around mile 8, I was tired and feeling periodically nauseous. I think I stopped to walk 4 times in the last 2 miles (once for water)!! Terrible. Even when I only had less than half a mile left, I didn’t have the energy to pick up the pace. The finish line was the same as the start line, which meant it was uphill. I seriously debated walking at that point, but there was so much distance between me and anyone else that I felt it would be too embarrassing to WALK through the finish. I managed to jog…slowly. The race was small enough that they were announcing the names and hometowns of the finishers! Wow, kinda cool. My 2 friends that ran the 5-mile race were at the finish to take our pictures. I gave them a quick wave, grabbed my medal, grabbed a cup of water, and just kept walking so I could cool down.

1) 9:03
2) 9:30
3) 9:34
4) 9:33
5) 9:41
6) 9:47
7) 9:34
8) 10:08
9) 10:16
10) 10:20
10.17) 10:43

Despite the circumstances, I somehow managed to make my goal of finishing the race under 1:40 (under a 10:00/M pace)! I later saw the official times and found that I placed 4th (out of 12, haha). Top 3 in each age group got awards! So close, haha. It’d be so cool to get an award! Gotta love these smaller races.

Jamie finished a few minutes later and we grabbed free muscle milk, free tech tees, water/Gatorade; got a group shoot; skipped on the free pizza and headed out. It was Jamie’s longest race/run EVER, so congrats to Jamie!!  She’s signed up for the Dallas Half Marathon in December with me! =)

Five & Dime Run
May 12, 2012
Time: 1:38:59.86
Pace: 9:53/M
Age group: 4/12
Overall: 72/149


Medicine Park Weekend

I got my San Francisco Half Marathon confirmation email today with my bib number and wave start information!  Eeeee, I’m excited!!  I’m in the 5th wave, which starts at 6:02am.  SO early. The good news is that since it’s in a different time zone, it’s really like 8:02am CST, so that’s not so bad!    I might try to run with the 4:15 marathon pacer (9:44/M pace).

As you may know, San Francisco is a rather hilly place.  The first half marathon has a total elevation gain of 660 feet.  It actually starts at a lower elevation than the finish since it’s not a loop.  This past weekend, I had a good hill training run while I was visiting Medicine Park, Oklahoma, for one of my best friends’ birthdays!

Jane’s husband, Jonathan, gave me the option of doing shorter routes, but with my half marathon coming up, I requested the longest route.  We ran around the town of Medicine Park and completed 8.5 miles with a total elevation gain of 575 feet.  Those hills were definitely NOT easy for me– I could run through the hills except the last big hill, which we didn’t hit until mile 7 and it had a 200-feet elevation gain over .6 miles.  I HAD to walk some of it.  With the blazing sun and warm temperaturse, I was getting slightly lightheaded.

1) 9:11
2) 9:35
3) 9:27
4) 10:18
5) 10:12
6) 9:44
7) 13:08
8) 11:09
8.5) 9:56

You can see where that big hill was, right?  I also didn’t use any Gu and I typically start to get sluggish around mile 8.  Regardless, it came out to be a 10:18/M pace so, not too shabby.  I think it’ll feel nicer with the cooler temperatures in San Francisco!

After the big hill, it was pretty much all downhill so we ran again, passing Jane & Jonathan’s cabin and continuing through town back to where we parked the car, by Bath Lake.  Once we got there, we decided to take a dip in the lake to cool off.  Yes, in our running clothes, haha.  GREAT idea.  Felt awesome! VERY glad I got this run in before my half marathon!!

I had a great time this past weekend with my best friends AND had a good run! Some pictures from Medicine Park:

bath lake . ❤ . meers | pike . dinner prep . morning | peach cobbler . lexi . post-run breakfast

Run Wild 5k Race Report

My friend Vickie is running a 5k each month to support a good cause, and this month, I joined her for the Run Wild 5k, hosted by Runner’s High Club and benefiting Special Olympics Texas. In the spirit of Independence Day, the girls in our group wore matching red, white, and blue tanks!

Since I had Wednesday off for 4th of July, I felt the need to go out for my friend’s birthday Tuesday night! Well, I ended up having a few drinks and not getting to bed until 1:45am. Yikes. Regardless, I was determined to make the 5k! I woke up (late) at 6:15am but I was out of my apartment by 6:30am and made my way to Uptown Park, scarfing down a Honey Stinger Honey Waffle for breakfast and popping some Aleve for my headache. It was already very warm outside and I was definitely dehydrated, eeks. Not the best start before the race, but I hey, I’d try my best anyway.

The race had under 2,000 people and I was pleased that I easily found parking. There were a lot of people out there, but it wasn’t annoyingly crowded or anything.

I stayed with Vickie and Amanda throughout the race. Although we aimed to go at a 9:00 pace, we ended up going faster. There were 2 water stops but we didn’t stop at either and just ran on. As usual, we couldn’t help but go faster at the start with everyone else going so fast! We slowed it down for mile 2 and picked it back up end of mile 3 to finish. Vickie and Amanda started sprinting once we hit the parking lot but I held off a little longer before picking up the pace to finish.

1) 8:08
2) 8:50
3) 8:32
3.2) 7:00

I ended up finishing in 26:52.2– a 5k PR for me, shaving off 32 seconds from my previous time!! I definitely plan on trying to beat this PR when it cools down. Who am I kidding? I ALWAYS try to PR, haha.

Run Wild 5k
July 4, 2012
Time: 26:52.2
Pace: 8:40/M
Division: 39/149
Overall: 407/1287

Flash Mob!

This past month, I went to the Sun & Ski Sports (not Sun, Ski, & Sports as I have been calling it) Flash Mob Cross Country race series. I was confused when I first heard the title. Flash mob? Do we break out in dance? Walk around casually in a group and then just start running?  Whatever, it’s FREE!

After completing 3 of the 4 races, I still don’t understand the “Flash Mob” aspect, but the races were fun! There was a roughly 3-mile cross country race each Thursday of June at a different location that would be announced the Monday prior. I went to the first race, had a decent time. Second race, I skipped because that was right after I had fallen off the bike. Third race, my feet hurt and I walked a lot. Fourth race, I was ready to make a come back…but then the traffic was bad and I was late to the race. Oh well, haha.

I still completed the final race despite starting late. It was incredibly muddy due to the torrential rain earlier that day and my once beautiful Kinvara 2s are in some serious need of cleaning. Haven’t quite figured out how to clean them without messing up the cushioning in the shoe yet though. The race involved going under and around bridges, up hills and down hills. There’s definitely something exciting about running a new unfamiliar course! Because I started so late, 1) I got confused on where the course was, and 2) I got bottle-necked behind some slower runners trying to go around this muddy bridge. Oh well, I wasn’t going to come close to winning as it was. Still fun!

When I was finally approached the finish, I was doing a comfortable jog when this little girl at the finish yelled out, “HURRY UP!!” If a little girl is yelling at you to pick it up, you gotta pick it up!!

I still ‘placed’ 9th overall out of 30 in the series.  My friends Amy and Vickie were 2nd and 4th! Amy and I knew each other from last summer before the races but I just met Vickie at the last flash mob race.

In any case, I’m running the Run Wild 5k with Vickie tomorrow! As much as I’ve been wanting a PR, I’m more preoccupied with the fact that I have the San Francisco Half Marathon in less than a month. That and, it’s freaking July in Houston! I won’t be too hard on myself if I don’t PR.