Run Wild 5k Race Report

My friend Vickie is running a 5k each month to support a good cause, and this month, I joined her for the Run Wild 5k, hosted by Runner’s High Club and benefiting Special Olympics Texas. In the spirit of Independence Day, the girls in our group wore matching red, white, and blue tanks!

Since I had Wednesday off for 4th of July, I felt the need to go out for my friend’s birthday Tuesday night! Well, I ended up having a few drinks and not getting to bed until 1:45am. Yikes. Regardless, I was determined to make the 5k! I woke up (late) at 6:15am but I was out of my apartment by 6:30am and made my way to Uptown Park, scarfing down a Honey Stinger Honey Waffle for breakfast and popping some Aleve for my headache. It was already very warm outside and I was definitely dehydrated, eeks. Not the best start before the race, but I hey, I’d try my best anyway.

The race had under 2,000 people and I was pleased that I easily found parking. There were a lot of people out there, but it wasn’t annoyingly crowded or anything.

I stayed with Vickie and Amanda throughout the race. Although we aimed to go at a 9:00 pace, we ended up going faster. There were 2 water stops but we didn’t stop at either and just ran on. As usual, we couldn’t help but go faster at the start with everyone else going so fast! We slowed it down for mile 2 and picked it back up end of mile 3 to finish. Vickie and Amanda started sprinting once we hit the parking lot but I held off a little longer before picking up the pace to finish.

1) 8:08
2) 8:50
3) 8:32
3.2) 7:00

I ended up finishing in 26:52.2– a 5k PR for me, shaving off 32 seconds from my previous time!! I definitely plan on trying to beat this PR when it cools down. Who am I kidding? I ALWAYS try to PR, haha.

Run Wild 5k
July 4, 2012
Time: 26:52.2
Pace: 8:40/M
Division: 39/149
Overall: 407/1287


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