Month: January 2013

Choco Loco 5k– PR!

I’ve been aiming to beat my PR for my 5k for half a year.  Back in July, I ran the Run Wild 5k on July 4, 2012.  It was a shock to me that I managed to PR that day.  I was slightly hung over with a headache from celebrating a friend’s birthday the night before, and being July, it was HOT. I pulled off a 26:52.2, beating my 27:25 from 6 months before at the ep5k in January.

My friend Vickie does a 5k each month for charity, and this month, she picked the Choco Loco 5k. It was a small inaugural race held in Uptown Park. The race had a start time of 7:30am, and I arrived at 7:00am to pick up my packet. That’s the great thing about these smaller races– you don’t have to arrive ridiculously early! I easily parked 2 rows down from the pack pickup area. My friends were running late and didn’t arrive until maybe 10 minutes before the start time! No problemo. We got to the start line just before the race started.

Today’s weather was perfect for running! Low 60’s, cloudy. I started with the back of the pack, intending on going easy as part of my marathon training plan. As usual, I started out a bit fast…and then instead of slowing down, I just kinda stuck with it. I couldn’t help it!  It IS a race after all.  Once I saw my first mile time, I wanted to stay around that pace– I’m a big fan of hitting even or negative splits!

1) 8:27
2) 8:23
3) 8:22
3.12) 6:39

Sprinted the finish! My official time was 25:50.2, 8:20/M pace. It’s definitely a PR!!!  Wheeee! For real though, I have to take it easy at the Galveston Half Marathon tomorrow, haha.  There were oreos, bananas, Famous Amos cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries, and a chocolate fondue station!

Choco Loco 5k
January 26, 2012
Chip Time: 25:50.2
Pace: 8:20/M
Division: 18/108
Overall: 105/478


ABB5k Race Report

The Houston Marathon 2013 has come and gone…and I did not race. A few days after the Dallas Half Marathon (12/09), I came down with a cold, followed by a stomach virus. Just when I thought I was getting better, I got hit with the flu!!! As race day approached, I didn’t feel like I was prepared, having run very low mileage (between the half and race day, I ran 26 miles total!!).

I was super disappointed but I think it was a smart decision. It was cold and rainy on race day and I wasn’t totally over the flu yet. I did run the ABB5k the day before the race (I carried tissues in my SPI belt!) and did decent considering the situation.

The ep5k last year (the 5k associated with the Houston Marathon last year) was my first race of 2012 and it seemed fitting that the ABB5k would be my first race for 2013! The good thing about my long break is that after months of bad races, I FINALLY had a good race. I WON!! No, jk. It was a good race because I didn’t have any ankle pain! Ever since I fell off my bike in August and had to get stitches in my right ankle, I’ve been plagued with ankle pain in my left ankle during my runs. I’ve had to take a lot of breaks to stretch and massage my feet/legs and I was getting a bit worried. Seriously, EVERY time I went out and ran, I had all these doubts about being able to run and it was rather discouraging.

My 5k PR was back in July at the Run Wild 5k with a 26:52.2. It was hot and I was slightly hungover, so I was convinced I could break this PR. I didn’t PR at this race, but I ran a 27:44 (haha, this is actually slower than my time last year) and that’s with 1 water break and 2 tissue breaks! I’m still determined to set a new 5k PR! Definitely this year.

Like last year, three of my friends and I parked at Jason’s work parking garage and walked to the race start. It was a surprisingly warm day and SUPER humid, so I had on shorts, our EG shirts (wore that last year too!) compression socks, and my Brooks PureCadence. I also wore my SPI belt, stuck my phone in it, and just used the Nike app to track my run. Well, except that I forgot to start it until halfway through the race! I also decided to listen to music to help motivate me. My nose was still a little runny so I also stuck 2 tissues in my SPI belt. The course was pretty straight forward, running from downtown to midtown and back. I enjoyed the run although I could feel that my energy level wasn’t at 100% yet. I had some friends that also ran the 5k– a few that were warming up for the marathon/half marathon, and then a few that were just running the 5k.

I’m just super happy that I don’t have ankle pain!  My next race is a half marathon at the Galveston Marathon!  With all the marathon excitement, I decided 9 days before the race to sign up, haha.  Pumped to train again!

Pace: 8:56/M
Class: 20/228
Gender: 162/1826
Overall: 574/3383