Rockets Run 5k

I haven’t blogged about a run in ages!  I woke up late race morning after attending a wedding the night before. At 8:00am, when the race started, I had just parked my car in a garage many blocks away. I ran to the start to meet up Gloria & Kristin– they HAD to wait for me because I had their race bibs! We started ~8 minutes after the race start. I felt SO bad for being late, as it was Gloria’s first race! We ended up running together, so took it easier, as Gloria typically runs slower and on a treadmill.  I didn’t mind– I was tired and thirsty! First water stop at the 1-mile mark was out of water, so I didn’t get a chance to quench my thirst until mile 2. There was a 3rd water stop around mile 3, but we skipped that one.

RocketsRun2014I can’t help but speed up towards the end of a race and Kristin & I ended up getting ahead of Gloria the last block before going down the ramp into the stadium I’m a fan of that decline towards the very end of the run, although my shoelace came untied and I had to be extra careful to not trip! I almost collided with a runner in front of me who stopped as soon as he crossed the finish line. Since we finish in the Toyota Center, it tends to get a bit crowded– I recall that from prior years as well.

We made our way up the stairs and outside to get to the post-race party, where I picked up a bottle of water and a slice of pizza. After meeting up with my co-worker (who I had convinced to race, but then failed to meet up with her beforehand), we picked up our wallets and walked over to Phoenicia, where I picked up a Pumpkin Pie latte and a palmier. Not a bad way to start the day!

Rockets Run 5k
November 9, 2014
Chip Time: 28:20
Pace: 9:07/M
Age Group (F30-34): 19/179
Gender: 159/1122
Overall: 637/2413


Choco Loco 5k– PR!

I’ve been aiming to beat my PR for my 5k for half a year.  Back in July, I ran the Run Wild 5k on July 4, 2012.  It was a shock to me that I managed to PR that day.  I was slightly hung over with a headache from celebrating a friend’s birthday the night before, and being July, it was HOT. I pulled off a 26:52.2, beating my 27:25 from 6 months before at the ep5k in January.

My friend Vickie does a 5k each month for charity, and this month, she picked the Choco Loco 5k. It was a small inaugural race held in Uptown Park. The race had a start time of 7:30am, and I arrived at 7:00am to pick up my packet. That’s the great thing about these smaller races– you don’t have to arrive ridiculously early! I easily parked 2 rows down from the pack pickup area. My friends were running late and didn’t arrive until maybe 10 minutes before the start time! No problemo. We got to the start line just before the race started.

Today’s weather was perfect for running! Low 60’s, cloudy. I started with the back of the pack, intending on going easy as part of my marathon training plan. As usual, I started out a bit fast…and then instead of slowing down, I just kinda stuck with it. I couldn’t help it!  It IS a race after all.  Once I saw my first mile time, I wanted to stay around that pace– I’m a big fan of hitting even or negative splits!

1) 8:27
2) 8:23
3) 8:22
3.12) 6:39

Sprinted the finish! My official time was 25:50.2, 8:20/M pace. It’s definitely a PR!!!  Wheeee! For real though, I have to take it easy at the Galveston Half Marathon tomorrow, haha.  There were oreos, bananas, Famous Amos cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries, and a chocolate fondue station!

Choco Loco 5k
January 26, 2012
Chip Time: 25:50.2
Pace: 8:20/M
Division: 18/108
Overall: 105/478

Medicine Park Weekend

I got my San Francisco Half Marathon confirmation email today with my bib number and wave start information!  Eeeee, I’m excited!!  I’m in the 5th wave, which starts at 6:02am.  SO early. The good news is that since it’s in a different time zone, it’s really like 8:02am CST, so that’s not so bad!    I might try to run with the 4:15 marathon pacer (9:44/M pace).

As you may know, San Francisco is a rather hilly place.  The first half marathon has a total elevation gain of 660 feet.  It actually starts at a lower elevation than the finish since it’s not a loop.  This past weekend, I had a good hill training run while I was visiting Medicine Park, Oklahoma, for one of my best friends’ birthdays!

Jane’s husband, Jonathan, gave me the option of doing shorter routes, but with my half marathon coming up, I requested the longest route.  We ran around the town of Medicine Park and completed 8.5 miles with a total elevation gain of 575 feet.  Those hills were definitely NOT easy for me– I could run through the hills except the last big hill, which we didn’t hit until mile 7 and it had a 200-feet elevation gain over .6 miles.  I HAD to walk some of it.  With the blazing sun and warm temperaturse, I was getting slightly lightheaded.

1) 9:11
2) 9:35
3) 9:27
4) 10:18
5) 10:12
6) 9:44
7) 13:08
8) 11:09
8.5) 9:56

You can see where that big hill was, right?  I also didn’t use any Gu and I typically start to get sluggish around mile 8.  Regardless, it came out to be a 10:18/M pace so, not too shabby.  I think it’ll feel nicer with the cooler temperatures in San Francisco!

After the big hill, it was pretty much all downhill so we ran again, passing Jane & Jonathan’s cabin and continuing through town back to where we parked the car, by Bath Lake.  Once we got there, we decided to take a dip in the lake to cool off.  Yes, in our running clothes, haha.  GREAT idea.  Felt awesome! VERY glad I got this run in before my half marathon!!

I had a great time this past weekend with my best friends AND had a good run! Some pictures from Medicine Park:

bath lake . ❤ . meers | pike . dinner prep . morning | peach cobbler . lexi . post-run breakfast

12 miles!

This past Saturday, I was scheduled to run 12 miles with Kim. Come Saturday morning, it was thunderstorming outside.  Crap.   We decided to play it safe and not run outdoors.

It’s been MONTHS since I’ve been on a treadmill.  I find treadmills insanely boring.  But I had a run scheduled, and I was 90% determined to do it.  So, I finished my Vanilla Bean Gu, grabbed my nano (since I don’t have a foot pod for my Garmin) and walked to the apartment gym.  I realized that I forgot to bring a gu and my water bottle, but in fear that I might change my mind and not run at all, I didn’t go back to the apartment.

Amazingly, I actually completed the 12 miles.  My longest run to date!  It took me 1:59:55– this included getting locked out of the room 3x on my water breaks (I slowed the treadmill down to 3.0 and made a mad rush to the water fountain) and periodic inclines set at 3.0-4.0.  I set the treadmill at 6.0 (10:00) for the first 9 miles, 6.1 (9:50) for 2 miles, and 6.2 (9:41) for the last mile.  Although I had a faster final mile, that last mile felt like ETERNITY.  Not because I was tired (though I was), but because I was incredibly bored.  While I don’t normally run with music anymore, I did this time and it definitely helped.

I’m pumped, but also a little anxious about my upcoming run.  I can’t believe I decided to sign up for a half marathon less than a month before the race!   I’m just going to treat it like another long run.  It’ll be a PR as long as I finish it!

I often hear someone say I’m not a real runner. We are all runners, some just run faster than others.
I never met a fake runner.

–Bart Yasso

Strength Training?

My current training plan, simplified:

MON run 3-4 miles
TUE run 3-6 miles
WED yoga
THU run 3-4 miles
FRI rest
SAT/SUN yoga & run 6-12 miles

It’s not strict– I just try to get in my miles and not overdo it.  However, I’m planning on adjusting my plan after my first half marathon in 2 weeks. Ultimately, I want to improve my speed for my 10k in April (there’s a bet riding on that one!!).  I’d like to incorporate some cross-training and speedwork but first, strength training.

I don’t know anything about strength training.  However, I’ve been advised (by HHRunner, along with many others) that strength training can improve speed.   There’s a one-month Ladies’ Boot Camp at my work gym that I’m considering joining– it’s 6:30-7:15am, Tuesday & Thursday.  SO EARLY.   Maybe I should just suck it up and take the class?

Regardless of whether or not yoga counts as strength training, I love, love Joy Yoga and it’s certainly helped me with strength and flexibility.  Unfortunately, my coupon expires end of February.  There’s a package for $89 for 8 classes/4 weeks or $49 for 4 classes/4 weeks but that’s still pricey.  I’m thinking about getting a 24-Hour gym membership after my yoga coupon expires, and then I could take a variety of classes!

Meanwhile, I’ll pop-in that Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred that is collecting dust on my shelf (no idea why/when I bought this).  Guess I’ll go pick up some hand weights.  I could lose 20 lb in 30 days!  JK, that would not be healthy for me.

Lastly, I love motivational quotes, so here’s one that I like:

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.
— Will Rogers

From 5k to Half Marathon…!

In the next few months (Feb-April), I have one 5k, three 10k’s, and two half marathons.  I may have gone a little overboard, ha.  On hindsight, I should have just signed up for my goal races, and then figured out if the other races worked with my training schedule.  Oh well.  Live and learn.

Since the Rockets Run was short, my friend Richard has to do another ‘first’ 5k.  I happened to get a flyer for the Rhythm and Blues Half Marathon & 5k race for February 19, so I suggested signing up.   Then, I decided 5k seemed a little short, soooo I signed up for the half marathon instead.  Brilliant, right?   Half marathon a week before my first 10k!

I’m excited…and nervous.  First and foremost, I’d like to complete the half marathon!  It’s an inaugural race, 3 loops on Allen Parkway, and live music!  I ran Allen Parkway for my first run last October– Race for the Cure, and it was rough for me with the road’s ups and downs (don’t laugh, it’s so flat here!!).   Anyway, I would love to do a 10:00 min/mile pace, total time of 2:11:06.  We’ll see how I feel about that goal after my long run this weekend with my new running partner.  🙂