cross country

Flash Mob!

This past month, I went to the Sun & Ski Sports (not Sun, Ski, & Sports as I have been calling it) Flash Mob Cross Country race series. I was confused when I first heard the title. Flash mob? Do we break out in dance? Walk around casually in a group and then just start running?  Whatever, it’s FREE!

After completing 3 of the 4 races, I still don’t understand the “Flash Mob” aspect, but the races were fun! There was a roughly 3-mile cross country race each Thursday of June at a different location that would be announced the Monday prior. I went to the first race, had a decent time. Second race, I skipped because that was right after I had fallen off the bike. Third race, my feet hurt and I walked a lot. Fourth race, I was ready to make a come back…but then the traffic was bad and I was late to the race. Oh well, haha.

I still completed the final race despite starting late. It was incredibly muddy due to the torrential rain earlier that day and my once beautiful Kinvara 2s are in some serious need of cleaning. Haven’t quite figured out how to clean them without messing up the cushioning in the shoe yet though. The race involved going under and around bridges, up hills and down hills. There’s definitely something exciting about running a new unfamiliar course! Because I started so late, 1) I got confused on where the course was, and 2) I got bottle-necked behind some slower runners trying to go around this muddy bridge. Oh well, I wasn’t going to come close to winning as it was. Still fun!

When I was finally approached the finish, I was doing a comfortable jog when this little girl at the finish yelled out, “HURRY UP!!” If a little girl is yelling at you to pick it up, you gotta pick it up!!

I still ‘placed’ 9th overall out of 30 in the series.  My friends Amy and Vickie were 2nd and 4th! Amy and I knew each other from last summer before the races but I just met Vickie at the last flash mob race.

In any case, I’m running the Run Wild 5k with Vickie tomorrow! As much as I’ve been wanting a PR, I’m more preoccupied with the fact that I have the San Francisco Half Marathon in less than a month. That and, it’s freaking July in Houston! I won’t be too hard on myself if I don’t PR.