Update & more shoes!

I’ve been terrible about updating.  It’s been 2 months!!

But fear not– in that time, I have completed 4 races.  I had to skip out on the Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Half Marathon because I strained my hamstrings and it took me 2 weeks of not running to get over it.  I was disappointed but better to be safe than sorry.

My race results:

Firefly Run Dallas (5k) 2012 03/31/12 0:28:00 8:58 38/724  148/3366  463/4943
Bayou City Classic 10k 03/10/12 0:55:30 8:56 26/103 140/559 486/1176 PR
ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run 10k 02/25/12 0:56:39 9:07 163/721 598/3221 2156/6392
Rhythm & Blues Half Marathon 2012 02/19/12 2:08:06.6 9:47 38/90  200/584 439/953 PR

More about the races later.  In the past 2 months, I’ve been on a hunt for new shoes to replace my Saucony Progrid Omni 8’s.  While those are stability shoes, I believe my strike has changed from a heel strike to a forefoot strike since I first purchased that pair, and have been wearing more neutral shoes.  I had purchased Nike’s (see last post) but they were giving me unusual feet pain whenever I ran over 3 miles so I returned to Luke’s Locker and exchanged them for these sexy Mizuno Wave Precision 12‘s:

Sadly, they gave me blisters almost every time I ran and after putting 30 miles on them throughout the month, I brought them back to Luke’s Locker and got the Saucony Kinvara 2‘s (on sale, yay!):

I REALLY liked the Mizuno’s but my left foot is wider and flatter than my right foot and after getting a blood blister from running the last 5k, I felt like it was for the best. They Kinvara’s are wider than the Mizuno’s but there’s still slightly rubbing when I run– I can’t tell yet if it’ll be a big problem so I’ll give them a little more time.  I actually also own the Saucony Mirage 2‘s:

I got those onsale from, so for now, I will be alternating between the two pairs. I also tried on the Asics Gel Landreth 7‘s, which felt considerably wider and have asymmetrical lacing (not sure how I feel about this yet), so I’m going to keep those in mind just in case. I hear Brooks come wider too.  I own many pairs of DryMax Hyper Thin Running socks but the guy at Luke’s Locker recommended I try slightly thicker socks so I may try out the DryMax Lite Mesh socks ($34 for a 4-pack on next.  I’ve always preferred a thinner sock but I can’t say if I really can tell the difference once I’ve been running for awhile. I just hate getting blisters!

Any tips on shoes/socks?


New shoes!

I went to Luke’s Locker for the first time last weekend and got fitted for some new running shoes.  I picked up some Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 15‘s ($100)!  I’ve been running in Saucony Progrid Omni 8’s but they’re giving me blisters on my left foot.  I did a test run in my old shoes and was told that while my right foot was straight up and down, my left foot was not– thus, the blisters.  The Nike’s are stability shoes with less of an arch, which should be good for my flat feet.  AND, they come in black and pink! =)
I did two 3-mile runs in the shoes this week and my feet felt great, but then threw in a 7-mile run and had some foot pain. =/  Guess I still need to break them in some more.  I’ll be wearing the Saucony’s for my half on Sunday!

I also purchased 2 new pairs of socks to try out, Body Glide, and a Tri-Berry Gu.  I’ve only had the Vanilla Bean so far.

Any suggestions on good Gu flavors?