Month: February 2010

The Singing Butler

Of the many apartments I’ve lived in, they have ALWAYS lacked decor.  Given that I’ll probably have to move sometime in the next year, I really don’t want to collect MORE stuff, but I’ve really been wanting to decorate my living room wall.  So far, I’ve found that I really like this painting, The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano:

Isn’t it nice?  I actually really like Jack Vettriano’s style.  I don’t care if some of his paintings are based off pictures from a manual, haha.   Anyway, the problem is, I have a big wall and the painting size I want is a bit expensive.  For a framed version that’s 41.75 in. H x 35.25 in. W, $324.99 on!  Pooh.

Any other ideas for wall decoration?  I know there’s some cheap art at HomeGoods but nothing really stood out to me when I went.